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Each of us has a hobby and I dare say that there is no one (no person) who does not have it. It`s just clear. Everyone enjoys something and is interested in whatever it is – playing the piano, martial arts, art, shopping, fashion. Among such hobbies may be, for example, shooting at a shooting range Prague, which is quite an unconventional and atypical hobby among people – people have respect for it. Although there are not so many people who run this hobby and enjoy it, there are some people among us.


It`s about human character. What one likes, it doesn`t have to like the other – and that`s okay, because no one can be the same – that would be pretty boring in that world, don`t you think? Shooting is usually practiced at the shooting range, but some people who have made a gun passport also train at home or in the cottage, in the garden and shoot at a target. It is good to say that each of our hobbies that we love can express something about us – what we are, what personality we have, what we love and so on. It just characterizes what we are, our heart. And that is why we each have different hobbies.


Often our hobbies can have something to do with genetics – for example, if your parents or family have played the piano in the past, you are more likely to have that hobby. If someone in your family loves art, you may also have this hobby. Genetics can also play a pretty big role in hobbies, although we may not be subconscious at all. On the contrary – we simply take it as part of ourselves and do not perceive that there is a genetic factor that may make us like our hobbies. In any case, if someone is trying to talk you out of your hobbies, don`t take that into account. It is only your life and only you decide for yourself. If you feel that this hobby is the right one for you, go for it…